Talk on Quantum Machine Learning

There will be an online talk on Quantum Machine Learning by Maria Schuld on Friday 29.01.2021 at 14:15 CET organized by the Department of Physics at NTNU

Quantum Machine Learning

Speaker: Maria Schuld, Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc., Canada & University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Time: 14:15 CET  Place: webinar at Zoom meeting<> (no password)

Abstract: Algorithms that run on quantum computers – so-called quantum circuits – underlie different laws of information processing than conventional computations. By optimising the physical parameters of quantum circuits, we can use them for machine learning just like neural networks. This talk highlights different aspects of quantum machine learning for near-term quantum computing, including strategies of training the quantum models with data, integration into deep-learning pipelines and ways to think about the power of quantum circuits as learners.

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