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Point Defects in Semiconductors for Quantum Technologies

February 2 @ 11:30 - 12:00

Marianne Etzelmuller Bathen

Speaker: Marianne Etzelmüller Bathen, UiO

Title: Point Defects in Semiconductors for Quantum Technologies

Abstract: Quantum technology (QT) offers enticing capabilities such as secure communication, nanoscale sensing and quantum computers that can solve problems beyond the capacity of classical computers. However, most of the current platforms for QT are based on superconducting materials, require millikelvin temperatures to function, and are challenging to scale. Thus, there is an ongoing race to develop alternative quantum materials for future quantum device fabrication. In this context, semiconductor qubits in the form of quantum dots and point defects are among the promising platforms to deploy QT and are the subject of an immense international research interest.

Point defects combine the potential for room temperature (RT) spin qubit operation with nanoscale sensing and single-photon emitter (SPE) capabilities, and where the perhaps most famous example is the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond. These optically active spin qubits have received massive international attention after the discovery of SPEs in the industrially friendly platform of silicon carbide (SiC), and now more recently in silicon (Si). In this presentation, I will introduce the concept of point defects in semiconductors for QT, and discuss which properties we are looking for when selecting materials and defects to develop towards a specific application. Then, I will provide an overview of the theoretical and experimental activity devoted to point defect SPEs that is ongoing at the University of Oslo, before finally discussing some selected research highlights on defect based quantum emitters.

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February 2
11:30 - 12:00