Here is an overview of projects we are involved in.


The focus of the project is three-fold. Firstly, we will develop new mathematical methods to benchmark, detect, suppress, and correct the errors in quantum computers stemming from the interaction with the environment. This will contribute to realizing the potential advantage of quantum computers. Secondly, we will devise a unified mathematical framework that can be applied to a wider range of applications within the area of quantum chemistry. Quantum chemistry is a field that deals with predictions of properties of molecules and materials. Finally, we will study non-classical features of quantum mechanics that enable quantum encrypted communication. We will find new formulas to quantify the performance of these encryption methods under the interaction with the environment.


quantum computing platform customised to the needs of the Nordic region, with access to several Nordic quantum computers and quantum computer simulators. By focusing on collaboration as well as pooling resources and expertise, the project wants the Nordics to grab the opportunity and join the international quantum race.


Upcoming project where quantum computing will be applied to industrial optimization problems.


Upcoming project on controlling spins in quantum systems in an online setting.